Apptera Selects Envox OnDemand to Power Its Speech
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  WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Dec. 3rd /PRNewswire/ -- Envox Worldwide, a leading global provider of IP-based voice solutions, today announced that Apptera, a leading provider of technology for mobile advertising, search & commerce, has selected Envox OnDemand(TM) to power its "In-Call" solutions. Envox OnDemand is the next-generation in hosted contact center voice solutions. Apptera will move its existing "In-Call" customers to Envox OnDemand and will use Envox OnDemand for all of its customers in the future.

"We are very pleased that Apptera has chosen Envox OnDemand to power its solutions," said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. "We know that Apptera''s customers will benefit greatly from the superior performance, carrier-grade reliability, and the time-to-market advantages that Envox OnDemand provides."

Envox OnDemand is delivered on the carrier-grade network and facilities of VoltDelta, the provider of the world''s highest performing directory assistance and operator services solutions. The VoltDelta hosting environment offers:

-- Modular, carrier-grade components that have been proven at more than 50 of the world''s leading telephone companies. -- Experience handling over 5 billion calls on the IVR components and over 7.5 billion calls on the switching components. -- Flexible redundancy options, including truly carrier-grade geographic redundancy for maximum reliability. -- 24x365 operation with pro-active monitoring by dual Network Operations Centers. -- A VoIP network that drives additional cost savings and rapid deployment. -- Support for VoIP, TDM, and mixed customer networks. -- Open environment for rapid deployment of new services or service extensions. -- Professional services expertise for network design, switching design, integration with existing call center components, voice user interface design, integration of automation with agents, statistics collection, billing support, database optimization, and data aggregation from multiple varied sources.

"Apptera has made a wise choice in selecting Envox OnDemand," said Brad Schorer, senior vice president of strategic marketing and business development for Volt Delta Resources. "Envox OnDemand is by far one of the best solutions on the market and VoltDelta is proud to be working with Envox to bring this solution to Apptera''s customers."

Apptera''s services are provided In-Call, at the exact moment a customer is interacting with a business over the phone. The services are sold to companies that want to monetize their call traffic and automate many of the routine tasks of managing customer requests for information and order processing. Apptera delivers their solutions to a wide variety of customers, from communications and directory assistance providers to those in the retail, financial services and transportation industries, among others. The Apptera solutions address the specific and personal needs of each customer. For example, Apptera''s In-Call advertising services enable organizations to deliver keyword advertising via the phone to their customers.

All of Apptera''s In-Call solutions are now available on Envox OnDemand. These solutions include:

-- Mobile ad-serving technology - voice ad-insertions within in-bound or out-bound calls used by service providers or enterprises to dynamically select and play the most appropriate ad to a caller based on business rules, profiling, personalization and advanced heuristics. -- Financial services - speech-enabled, VoiceXML-based solutions for financial services organizations. The suite includes the following applications: Account Information, Funds Transfer, Banking Locator, Account Payment, Name & Address Change/Capture, Rate Quotes, Account Enrollment, and Account Activation. -- Retail services - speech-enabled, VoiceXML-based solutions for retailers. The suite includes the following applications: Order Capture, Order Status, Store Locator, Prescription Refill, Show Times & Tickets, and Driving Direction.

"We moved our customers to Envox OnDemand because it met the performance, reliability and time-to-market standards that they require," said Don Steul, VP of Products and Services for Apptera. "In addition, we''ve seen that it delivers outstanding performance for our VoiceXML-based solutions."

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About Apptera

Apptera provides technology for mobile advertising, search & commerce. Apptera''s MobileAd Technology is currently being leveraged by Free-411 services, eBay''s auction alert service and''s ad-sponsored ticket service. This technology helps companies increase revenues through ad- serving capabilities and campaign management solutions. The services are provided In-Call at the exact moment a consumer is interacting with a business over the phone. Dozens of companies have adopted Apptera''s technology and through these customers, more than 1,800 businesses in the communications, retail and financial industries use Apptera''s award-winning solutions. Apptera was recently named a Top-100 private company by AlwaysOn and received two technology innovation awards in Europe and the U.S. Founded in 2001, Apptera is a privately held Silicon Valley-based technology company funded by leading venture capital firms. For additional information, visit

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